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Ella Miyake
I knew it has been a very long time since the last time I post an entry here, but I don't realize that it has been a year and a half. Time does fly quickly... No wonder there are pile of dusts here and there, spider web, mold *cough*, and oh wow! mushrooms!!! (Is it funny? No, it is not? Well...)

I saw my last post is about the Platina Parlour, and since that time there has been some PP's events but unfortunately I didn't manage to come. The post before that one is about Ennichisai, which I came to last year but without yukata. The post before Ennichisai is about my final assignment, and now I have been a Bachelor of Science for one year. The post BEFORE my final assignment is about my unrequited love which I finally managed to move on. So yeah, there are soooo many things happened in my life this past year.

What to write... what write... Well, my life hasn't been quite exciting. I became assistant lecturer, which I quite enjoy despite of naughty students, but sometimes I feel bored. I applied some scholarships for graduate study in Japan (and Aussie) and so far I failed. I will keep on trying though because it is my life's aspiration, how can I neglect it? And I feel kind of lonely without my friends around me.

Skip the boring things...
So, at this moment I have an interest to this one fine man. He is an assistant lecturer, from other department but still in the same faculty. He is a year younger. Our desks are far from each other and we are never in the same assignment so far, there are very few interaction between us, just say hello when we passed each other. I think he is a very introvert and shy person, so I have started to give him a little signal about my feeling. I did give him chocolate on Valentine, not exactly on Valentine's day since it was Saturday and the office close every Saturday; and not on Monday since he did not come to work at that day, also not on Tuesday since I became too nervous and miss my chance, but on Wednesday I managed to gave it to him (after some kind of stalking events). The bright side is his response was quite good, he didn't dislike it, he even recognized it as Valentine's chocolate. But the bad side is maybe he thought I also gave chocolates to others while he is the one and only person which I gave a chocolate on Valentine's day for the last two years, maybe three or even four! I gave Magnum to some of my friends at 2013 but it is because that year will be the last year we're together as classmates, that didn't count right? I don't know why I bother to explain these things here (I LIED!!! I wish he also have an interest on me, then search somethings about me, find this post, and knew that I really have an interest on him. But the chances are smaller than a bacteria-because I'm a microbiologist). And here is the funny thing to be laughed on: I got so nervous on Monday until I managed to give him the chocolate on Wednesday that the acid level in my stomach went up, made me nauseous, and I have to drank gastritis drugs-I am sooo lame...

Oh well, I hope I will be able to close the 'Unrequited Love' chapter of my life soon. Enough for now, hope I will write again soon (with a better story to share).


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