Japan Weeks Part 1: Little Tokyo Ennichisai
Gothic me
These last 2 weeks I've been coming to 2 Japan related event: Little Tokyo Ennichisai and Butler Cafe. It's my first time to come to Ennichisai and Butler Cafe. I decide to write it in two parts.

Last week, at 25 May I come to Tokyo Ennichisai. It is an event for welcoming summer, held by some Japan organizations in Jakarta. The event was being held at Little Tokyo, Blok M. I went there with my little sister, her friends, and my 3 of my college friends (actually 4, but we walk separately and he went home first). I was wearing yukata my father bought for me at Japan last year (finally I have a chance to wear it! WooHoo!!).

My "journey" began at Friday, May 24th. That day I went to the boarding house where my little sister live. I depart from my own boarding house at 3 PM because public transports to my sister's are very little if the day has get dark. Since I never go there using public transport before (usually my sister stay at my boarding house at weekend), I decided to depart a bit early. My trip didn't go very well. I brought my yukata set (inner yukata, yukata, 2 obi, geta) and my toiletries in my quite big back pack, also yukata bag, water bottle, and 1 kg barbell for my sister in hand bag. It is troublesome to brought two quite big luggage while using public transport. I have to go from my place to Islamic using white colored minibus then change to yellow colored minibus which will bring me to my sister's boarding house. Unfortunately I didn't know that there are two kind of yellow colored minibus: one with blue line and one with black line. Yellow minibus with blue line goes to my sister's while one with black line goes to a place named Legok. I thought all the yellow minibuses are going to my sister's, and I stupidly chose the one with black line. Actually, at that time in Islamic there are so many white minibuses waiting for passengers. I can't find the yellow one. So, when this yellow minibus came toward my direction, I jump to it without really noticing that it will take me to Legok. I didn't get suspicious when it just went straight passing the left turn to Kelapa Dua, because my sister said, sometimes it will make the left turn at Paramount Serpong gate. I got suspicious when it kept going straight passing the gate. So, I decide to stop at a place that a little bit crowded, so I won't look like that I (actually) got lost, and I jump to another minibus which will take me to Islamic again. I stopped at Kelapa Dua, jump to the right minibus-yellow one with BLUE line-and safely got to my sister's place. Journey that supposed to take about 45-60 minutes became about 100 minutes because of my stupidity. AND when I wait for my sister to open the door, I checked my phone and there is message from my sister, warning me about the yellow minibus with black line =.='a
If only I opened it sooner, but I have habit that I won't check my mobile phone (esp the expensive looking one) when I'm in the public transport. Oh well, the most important thing is I managed to get to my sister's place save and sound.

I went to my sister's place because one of her friend will go there using her car. I didn't mean to be spoiled girl who doesn't want to use public transport, but since I plan to use yukata, I can't use public transport. Well, actually I can use public transport then change my clothes to yukata at Blok M, BUT it means I have to bring bag containing my clothes all day, and I think it will "ruin" my yukata wearing by bringing big bag everywhere the whole day. Not to mention I am not a pro in yukata-wearing field, I have to disassemble my yukata two times and my obi three times before I managed to wear it correctly, while watching the tutorial videos at youtube, which I absolutely can't do at public restroom. Beauty is pain, right?
Friday "adventure" hasn't finished yet my friends, that night I have to sleep in the same single bed with my little sister and I woke up about 3 times because my neck got stiff. Me and my sister plan actually is to borrow rollaway bed from one of her friend. But, when I arrived her friend wasn't at her room and when it's about time to sleep, looks like her friend had slept already. But, that small obstacle didn't match for me and my sister power!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

The next day I woke up pretty early because I knew wearing yukata is difficult and I also have to wash my hair and wait for it to be dry before I can use hairpin (my hair took a very long time to get completely dry, about 3-4 hours). So I woke up at 6 AM even though we plan to depart at about 11 AM. I washed my hair, and doing morning-facial-treatment routine (thanks to my acnes) then searching yukata and obi wearing video tutorial that I can understand with my stupid-fashion-sense. I began to wear yukata at about 10 AM, and like I say before disassemble it two times and disassemble obi three times-even though I watched the tutorial videos two times before and I have try to use it right after my father back from Japan last year- and finished at about 11.10 AM and only have 10 minutes to put powder, lipbalm, and hairpin. Whew~
Then off we go to Blok M!!! Luckily we didn't get lost, google map didn't help at all-when we got to intersection google map shows that we are in the straight road- but we managed to get there at about 12.30 PM. We park at the Plaza Blok M mall, I drew so many attention when we got in the mall because of my yukata, we cross the crossing bridge to Little Tokyo. As soon as we arrived there I didn't look like odd people since there are so many cosplayers and people wearing yukata.

The event is very exciting. So many cosplayers and Japanese people. As for the cosplayers there are so many traps. The cosplayers are using great costumes and wigs, but most of their face aren't really supporting. Sorry, didn't mean to mock, I also want to cosplaying but I know I will end up like them: "Woah! Her clothes are really good! I wonder if she is pretty... OMG!!! Better look around..." (read her = me). But there are some good cosplayers too. There are also so many Japanese food: takoyaki, okonomiyaki, taiyaki, kakigori, candied apple, sushi, onigiri, soba, ramen, etc. As for food I love kakigori most! It was hot and humid there, me and my friends got thirsty so we bought kakigori. Eric bought the strawberry one, as for me and Hans we each bought the melon one and it was SUPERBLY DELICIOUS!! I feel like in heaven's gate. The melon taste is so sweet and really like melon (not like melon syrup), and I also try Eric's and it also taste like the real strawbeery, sweet and sour!! Oh God, I want to buy it again!!! But, for takoyaki and kyabetsu I ate, it was so-so. We just going round and round, looking at cosplayers, watching mikoshi, until at about 5 PM we got tired, and it's about time for Vocapost and Cosplay contest, so we sat at the stage which actually intended for the sound system and enjoying karaoke contest, Vocapost, and lastly Cosplay contest. The karaoke contestants were really good, I wish I can sing like them. Vocapost also really great, can't believe it was made by Indonesian. Even though I heard this one girl about my age say, " What is exciting, it's just a cartoon" and made me feel like "JUST-A-CARTOON??? Vocaloid is not 'just' and it is also NOT a 'CARTOON' if you called something like this 'CARTOON' I don't think you belong here. You called it 'Anime' is a little bit acceptable, but CARTOON??? Really, miss??" and I am not a Vocaloid fans... As for the cosplay, I can't really see it well, too many people standing in front of me, and most of it were from games which I didn't play. I also didn't following any manga or anime, just reading Fairy Tale sometimes and watching Beelzebub when I'm home. I love Japan because of V6 and because of it's culture -and because of Kyary- not because of manga or anime. Well, manga did introduce me to Japan, but it's just for filling my leisure time lately.
Finally, we went home at about 9 PM from Blok M, and arrived at my sister's place at about 11 PM. We got fined by stupid-mercenary-police officer, but that stupid police only got 25 thousand rupiahs from my sister's friend since she only has that much left from shopping at Ennichisai. Thank God we haven't give her our money for paying gas (we can't just ride freely can we, it's not polite) if we had the money will be taken by that stupid police... I went to sleep at about 12 AM, feeling really tired, my hair got the smell of tobacco a bit. What an adventure. Hahahaha.

I feel disappointed that I couldn't come again the next day as for that day there is bonfire and I really want to see it. But Blok M is really far from Karawaci, and the next day I have to continue my research and come to campus as early as possible. Too bad. I hope I can come again next year. Haha!!

Here one of my photo there:
With Erichard, Salomo, Hans, and Eric
Yes, all my friends are male! I have no Japan-lover-female-friend at my class.
And yeah, I wonder why Hans and Eric didn't looking at the camera.

Next I will write my review about Platina Parlour, the Butler Cafe ^^

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Pinky Angel
Ah... It has been a while (okay, a long long time) since a posted an entry here.
I have been really busy (read: lazy) to open up my laptop. Now I'm in the middle of my final assignment semester, so most of my work is in laboratory and I don't have to open my laptop as much as before. I using this 'precious' time before graduation to enjoy watching my favorite channel: FOX, because who knows what will come to me after my graduation? Maybe I will have no time to being lazy anymore. But an 'accident' happen. One of tools in the laboratory is broken and I have to wait for it to be repaired. While waiting I have nothing, absolutely nothing to do. So I come again to my laptop.

Early in this April my friend showed me Kyary's PV Ponponpon but I don't really like it even though it makes me smile. Because K-Pop is everywhere now and knowing one of J-Pop is starting to shine out makes me happy. I have no ill feeling towards K-Pop but of course if something I love also being loved by someone else I will feel happy. Okay, back to Kyary. Still at that week, my little sister showed me Kyary's PV Furisodeshon and Ninjyari Bang Bang (forgive me if I wrote it wrong) and I like it. Her songs stuck in my head and while I have nothing to do, I try to watch more of her PVs, watching her live shows, and listen to her songs. And finally I fall in love with her.

There are many things I love about Kyary, but I can summarize it in one sentence: because she is so Japan. Why? First, because she is super cute and believe me, cute girl (one more time, CUTE, not pretty nor sexy but cute) like her, only Japan has. There are so many beautiful and elegant lady in this world, but Japanese girls is the cutest and Kyary is the cutest girl in Japan. Second, her high voice (or pitch? whatever) is also one of Japanese cuteness signature. And this cute voice is not made up so it's very stable during her whole performances. Third, her unique style is also scream out Japan. People can call her Japan's Lady Gaga but I don't think it really describe her uniqueness. Kyary is more like doll even in her PV Fashion Monster while Lady Gaga is more like uhm... monster. Kyary is cute so colorful things suits her best. Fourth, she is the living prove that girl can be attractive without emitting sexual aura. These days when girls use mini and tight clothes to be sexy so she can attract boys, Kyary uses clothes that cover most of her body and still can attract boys, girls, men, and women. And when girlbands or artists dance sexy dances that involving hip and chest movement, her dance mainly is hand movement and still attractive.

But above all, I personally like her because she is my dream. She is what I want to be: I love using lolita dresses, I want to look cute rather than pretty, and I like do odd things. BUT, I don't have any nerve to do it. I'm afraid people will said that it doesn't suit me or said I'm weird and avoid me. I try really hard to hide it when I meet new people. Just after I know them and become their friend I slowly reveal it, but only do odd things part. I know I'm not cute at all, but I like to wear cute things. That's why she inspire me. This world has so many people with so many thoughts and opinions. Some of them may don't like me but I believe there will be people that also support me and love me for who I am.
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White Angel
I know I'm not girly:
I hardly using dress or skirt, because I don't feel comfortable,
I'm not fashionable, I'm using comfortable clothes,
I act boyish, I can't act cute or something like that because it's not me.

But I'm a GIRL so please stop treating me like your other guy-friends, boys.
Once a while is OK, but not every time.
Just like other normal girl, I want you treat me nicely. Is it too much?

Irreplaceable loV6
Gothic me
Dear V6,
It has been 17th years since your debut, and it has been 5 years since I knew you.
I never knew I could love something to this extend.
It's because you're truly incredible.
I love you because I could feel your love from the fruits of your work. It makes my heart warm.
You make my days brighter, you elevate my spirit, boost my mood, make me smile, help me go through difficult things just by listening to your songs, or watching your PVs and shows.
All I can give to you is my love and support, and I will give it every time until forever.
I will never stop loving you no matter what happen.
I'm proud to be your fans. I'm proud to love you.

Thanks God for giving V6 to this world.
All blessings for V6.

Happy 17th Anniversary

Listening to music
What we have been through, made me realize that I love you.
My heart chose you and I don't care if my brain won't accept it.
No one understand me better than you.
It is not lady like to be the one who said "love" first, but I don't want to have any regrets.
I will tell you my feeling when the time is right.
Even though there are too many differences between us, I just want to believe that I can manage it somehow (WE will if you are willing to).
I only could hope and pray that this won't ruin anything we have before.
All I want to do is to let you know my feeling.

You will always live in my heart
My friend gave me a link to this video.
My First Friend
It made me cry in the end of the song.
How much I love Lilo, my dog, just God can understand. How I always cry every time I remembered the time when he dies in my arm, how I always cry every time I saw our pictures together - thus I never dare to see it anymore-, and how I always cry every time I wish he still here with us like we used to be. Sometimes I do wonder how can I love a dog, an animal, with this huge love as if he was a human. But for me he is and always be my brother, part of our family, forever and ever.

It's almost 2 years since he left us. Sometimes I still can't believe he has gone...
Lilo, wherever you are dear, I will always love you. You will always live in my heart. Thank you for so many happiness you bring for us, I will always cherish our happy moments together.

Slacking off...
upsie Ken
Saa, next week will be our 6th semester final exam. Time really does fly. The very first day when I became undergrad student is crystal clear in my memory and suddenly the next academic year will be my last year as undergrad student.

As I wrote many times before in this blog, I want to continue my study so I can get master degree. BUT, I feel absolutely bored studying. Never felt this way before. Slacking off like there will be another month before final exam. It has been 5 hours since I start studying and I am now still in the same chapter. What is wrong with me? Oh God...

Feeling Alone
Ken Crying
I am a very-very unique person. You even can consider me as WEIRDO. For me, emotional feeling is absolutely important. Even the smallest thing like animal or even DEAD THINGS like clothes etc, I consider it as something that has an emotional feeling, and I will treat them like how if that treatment given to me. Silly? You bet I am, I wrote it earlier that I am a weirdo, that's why almost no one understand me. I feel happy over small things, and of course feel sad or angry over small things. And right now I'm feeling absolutely alone because I can not share my feelings and get appropriate response. I know that my friends around me now don't have same emotional feeling as I am. I have one lovely best friend who absolutely understands me, but she is live in different town right now, she doesn't come to the same campus and class as I am, even if I told her she wouldn't understand what I'm talking about.

I'll give you one example.
I met my senior which I admire so much when I work at lab today. Then he asked me about my project. I feel really happy because I admire him (he is some kind of influential person in my campus, that's why I'm admiring him) and because we came from different department it is a very rare moment for us to meet there. You see? It is a simple thing, small thing, yet made me really happy. I told my classmate who also know him about the 'accidental meeting' and I expect reaction like, "really? what is he doing there? what both of you talking about after it?" but all I get is just "so what?" and that's really made me disappointed.

See? It's just a small and simple things. But, everyone need someone to talk to right? And all of my friends here don't understand me. Then, I can't share my feelings to them. I should keep it all alone until I can meet my best friend, which mean I have to keep all stories and feeling for me alone until the end of semester. And I can't do that. What can I do? I am such a weirdo...

I want it
Pinky Angel
"You can't wear yukata for anyone but me..."
That simple line I read from one shot manga
even if it sounds cheesy
I wish someday I could hear similar sentences with that one from someone I love

My Milk Toof
Ken after school
So, I found this super interesting, refreshing, and cute blog called My Milk Toof. Actually I found it about half year ago when one of page at FB share the link, but I don't pay attention on it because the page is about design and I'm not a designer, I'm a scientist and I don't have any talent in drawing moreover designing. Because it's a very creative art, I just give the link to my little sister, because she is majoring in design, so I thought it could gave her unique yet simple idea. But then, three weeks ago my sister ask me, "Hey, sis do you remember My Milk Toof? The blog about milk teeth which you gave the link to me?" and I just, "Um... Just a bit, why?" Then my sister told me that it is very cute and she told me some funny stories in the blog about that two milk tooth and I get interested. So the next day I opened the blog. I opened the very first post of the blog, and continue to read all the newer posts so I could enjoy the flow of the story. And I fell deeply in love with that two milk toof.

The story is about a designer, one day her milk tooth came back to her and live with her then they are experiencing adventures in this life. The first milk tooth which came back called ickle. Then a few posts later, the second milk tooth came back, and it called Lardee. ickle is smaller than Lardee, and more smart and talkative. But many of her follower loved Lardee more, because he is very unadorned and has a very cute expression. I suggest you to check out this blog, it will freshened up your day with it's simpleness and cuteness overloaded. In case you are wondering why did the blog named My Milk Toof. Well, because it's a story about her milk tooth, and if you lose your tooth you will pronounced 'tooth' as 'toof'
To make you more interested, I will post two of my favorite pictures from the blog. And since Milk Toof is copy righted and already a registered trade mark, I'll give all the credit to Inhae Lee who is the maker of these cute teef. She is a Korean who lived in America since about 16 years old, if I recalled it correctly. So, may you enjoy the cuteness overload of ickle and Lardee. Oh and have no worry, the blog opened for public so you could access it even if you don't have blogspot account just like me. But I don't know about commenting since I never try it yet.

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