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Time machine
Ken Crying
Have you ever wanted to turn back time? To fix your past mistakes, to make your previous plan works according to your will? I have, and I think every people have. However as time goes by, I realized that there is reason for everything. Even for my every stupid mistake I believe God let it happened for my good, though right now I still can’t see it just yet, I become less wanting to fix my past mistakes. I take it as lesson for future. But I do still want to turn back time, to once again live my joyous moments. My failures cause a great pain in my heart, I want to be able to live without it, just like yesterday. My friends have gone to continue their journeys and I got left behind all alone, I want to be together with them again, just like yesterday. I know that it is a selfish will, life must go on, that’s why I just imagining it. At least it makes me feel a little bit happier.

But at the end of the day, what I really wish is a comforting closure for my heartache and the success of my beloved friends and I.


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