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Thank you for letting me know, what kind of "friend" you are
Gothic me
To: Miss - - - -
From the very beginning I knew that we are different. Your energy is too high for me. But I know that is who you are, so I did my best to tolerate it. You are a spontaneous person, meanwhile I can not go without a proper plan. Though initially I nag a lot, but slowly I try to hold my self and respect your style. I never meant to patronizing you, but you have to accept the fact that I have been there much MUCH longer than you are. I know you are smarter and you have a higher degree and overseas experiences. But please admit wholeheartedly that you did not know our culture, our habit, our struggle, our hardships, no YOU DO NOT KNOW!!! I am trying to explain it to you, but your response was "I can do it myself!". So I let you do it your way.

You said you love me, that we are a package, inseparable. But you left me all alone, for a reason I do not know, leaving me wondering what I have done wrong. But guess what, I do nothing wrong, it just you want to be together with someone else. Someone who has problem with me, but yet you chose him over me. I did not ask you to not be friend with him, since the one who has problem with him is me. But at least, you can tell me that you want to be with him so I can go with my other friends. But no, you just go with him, dragging all of my other friends with you, even though you know I will not go there. I were alone, but it did not bother you right? Oh but then later on you still come to me as if nothing happens, still saying you love me.

You always told me that I have to stop nagging and complaining. I do not understand why I can't complain about things that upsets me. What should I do then? Just forget about it? All I ask is for you to listen, that's all. People need to pour out their feelings right? And how coincidental it is, that all of a sudden my friend - who recently become closer to you than before - started to pretend to be busy or not hearing, even seems upsets, every time I pour out my feelings to him. Previously, for years, it never becomes a problem for me to pour out my feelings to him. He would always listen. Well, maybe I over-complaining like you said. But then, you yourself nagging and complaining about things which upsets you. So, why did you say I should not do it?

And maybe it is coincidental too that every boy that I like, and I do told you I like him, you also become closer to him. You tell me about things that happened between you and him which not included me, happily, proudly. But you never told me about things happened between you and other guys which I never mention about, even though I know him as well. But once again, maybe those are coincidences after coincidences.

In the end, all I want to do is to say, "Thank you for letting me know who you really are." And all of the "I love you. We are inseparable." bullsh*ts, I will dump it to the place where it belongs. And the boys? You could take it, I am not interested anymore.

To: Mr - - - - - -
We have been friends for almost five years, didn't we? We have been going to many places together, doing lots of things together. I have always thought you understand me. I consider you as my brother. But you chose to believe over someone that has just got close to you for several months? I misjudged you. Thank you for letting me know.


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