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Pentatonix On My Way Home Tour #PTXJKT1
Gothic me
On June 3rd 2015 I watched Pentatonix Tour Concert in Balai Sarbini, Jakarta. I have been Pentatonix's fans since 2013. At that time I have just watched UPH Choir Concert, they sang Carol of The Bells and I like it a lot. Then I searched for that song on YouTube, I met Pentatonix, and instantly fall in love with them. They have held concerts at that time, but just around America and Europe (if I'm not mistaken). I don't really remember the exact thing which happened but they came to Japan and they love Japan so much. You know how much I love Japan and I'm applying scholarship for graduate study there, so at that time I thought that if one day I live Japan then I will come to their concert there. Never even cross my mind that they will ever come to Indonesia. I don't think Indonesian is into Pentatonix. That was the very reason of why I was very surprised when I know they will come to Indonesia. I still think of it lightly and didn't make a fast move to buy the ticket. Later that night, most of Platinum seat had sold out. Quickly I turn on my laptop and bought the ticket. Thank God I could get the first row, though it was at the left corner of the stage.

Until this very moment, I still feel that that night was magical. I could see each of them when they walk out of their room to the back stage. I was just about 4 meters away from them. When they appeared on stage, I cried. I cried because I really can see them in flesh with my own eyes. They were shining so bright. I can not scream like the others, the only thing I could do is crying in happiness. I wonder if they saw me cried and thought that I am an odd fans. After about 3 songs I could bring my heart and my head to where their supposed to be and stop crying.

I was so lucky that I've got to shake hand with Kevin and Scott - God, his hand is so big and firm. It is too bad I didn't get the chance to shake hands with all of them, especially with Kirstin whom I adore so much. She is like a porcelain doll that night, stunningly gorgeous. Their voice is as good if not better than in their videos. The harmony is amazing as always. Kirstin's angelic voice, Avi's sexy bass, Kevin's amazing beat-box (and celloboxing), Mitch's awesome high pitch, and Scott's heart touching voice, what a perfect combination. I try to record each and every moment of that night in my mind, such a magical night, I don't want to forget it. It feels so surreal even until this time, I couldn't believe I met them...

But I also have regrets. I have mention that I regret the fact I haven't get the chance to shake hands with Kirstin, Avi, and Mitch. I also regret that I can not bring any souvenirs for them. I know what I want to give for them, but I don't have the money. Oh well, there will be next time. Hope I could come to their next concert, whether in Indonesia or Japan.

Oh one more thing. I think Avi noticed me that night. I was standing in front of the stage with other audiences when they sang the last two songs. I remembered that Avi has been making heart sign with his hands. So I made heart sign with my hands, I hold my hands high above my head even the song hasn't finished, and I locked my gaze to him. At some point he looked at me, laughed like I was a silly fan, and made the heart sign too. Can I say he noticed me? I think I can. Sorry for being weirdly proud of it.

I hope they enjoy their days in Jakarta. And I hope they could feel our love and will come again to Jakarta on the next tour. Love you Pentatonix!!!

One Magical Night

I am in the picture! The one using red tops at the right side!! Could you see me? XP


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